Beaches of Goa

Baga Beach, North Goa : Arguably the most famous of all Goa beaches, Baga offers everything to the tourist from water-Sports to beach-lounging, from bird-watching to great food, from great clubs to great shacks. It is situated between two very famous beaches, Anjuna and Calangute. It is famous for the Baga creek, which is located at its northern end. Baga beach is also famous for its Dolphin cruises.Whether you want to go for a peaceful walk, indulge in fishing or just sit and enjoy the big waves crashing against the black rocks, Baga beach is where you want to be.

Calangute Beach, North Goa : Calangute offers miles of sunny sands, plethora of shacks and clubs, as well as a range of water sports. The beach is approximately 15 kilometers away from Panaji. A number of hotels and resorts are available at this beach which offers spectacular view of the Arabian Sea. The swaying palm trees, amazing sea food and drinks and jewelry made from sea shells attract tourists from all across the globe. One can also visit the St. Alex Church when visiting the Calangute beach as it is in close proximity.

Vagator Beach, North Goa : The Vagator beach is divided into the little Vagator and the big Vagator Beach. The Little Vagator or Small Vagator beach is a beautiful little cove fringed by palm trees and surrounded by cliffs. Big Vagator is the more frequented beach and is famous for the two fresh water springs nearby, and the view of the 500 years old Chapora Fort. Vagator Beach is very close to Anjuna beach and houses several dilapidated farmhouses and scenic Portuguese bungalows. It is separated from Anjuna Beach by 2 kms of hilly tops and arid grasslands.

Anjuna Beach, North Goa : Anjuna is a small village located in northern Goa and known as the freak capital of Goa. The original hippy destination of Goa during the sixties and seventies, Anjuna remains one of the few topless beaches in India. The trance parties, the hippie culture and the Wednesday flea market makes Anjuna beach a hot favorite spot for all tourists. The beach is more popular among the younger generations who want to party all night at the sea shore.

Arambol Beach, North Goa : The Arambol beach is a very beautiful that is popular with foreigners because of its raw beauty, serene atmosphere, as well as for the curative hot spring, freshwater lake, and the famous banyan tree nearby. The beach also offers a plethora of various alternative therapies such as yoga, reiki, meditation and chi. Tourists also go to Arambol beach to enjoy water sports and take trips to see dolphins. The jam sessions and lively music make the nightlife of Arambol beach very entertaining, yet relaxed.

Majorda Beach, South Goa : Is a popular beach of Goa situated in the southern part of Bogmalo with long lanes of palm trees. It is located at a distance of 4 km from Margao and 5 km from the Colva Beach. Famous for its bread and bakers, as this was the place where the tradition of baking European style breads, started. The famous Goan Toddy, which is the fermented breads made from the sap of coconut palm, was discovered here. The beach is also famous for hosting the Goa Christmas Carnival every winter. Activities which Visitors can enjoy here includes water sports like jet skiing, water skiing, para-sailing swimming with sufficient number of lifeguards available on the beach for safety and security.

Colva Beach, South Goa : The Colva Beach lies about 6 kms to the west of Margao and is the oldest, largest and the most spectacular beaches of South Goa. The beach consists of about 25 kms of fine powdered white sand and is bound along its coast by coconut palms. Colva Beach is known for its ambiance, happening nightlife and large holiday crowds thronging to it. Colva’s nightlife is livelier and vibrant than anywhere else in south Goa.This beach is more popular among the Indian tourists and it is extremely crowded on the weekends.

Betalbatim Beach, South Goa : The Betalbatim Beach begins where the Colva beach ends. This is one of the quieter beaches of south Goa. Located 8 km from Margao, the Betalbatim Beach is popular for its splendid sunsets and hence also known as the Sunset Beach. The endless strip of white sand and the azure waters is an ideal beach to relax, away from the crowd. This pristine beach is lined with pine trees as opposed to the regular coconut palm fringed beaches. The St.Thomas Church is another popular tourist attraction which is in the vicinity.

Agonda Beach, South Goa : Agonda Beach, located 37 kms away from the Goan town of Margao is a beach fringed with palm trees, casuarinas, and hills. The Agonda beach is a delightfully unspoiled stretch of sunny sand that is famous for its tranquility. The adventure lovers can hire a tent and spend their beautiful evening under the starry sky and crashing waves. Agonda beach can be enjoyed by those who can appreciate the beauty of owning a beach as this is exactly how you will feel here with hardly any tourists. This beach offers perfect solitude which one can drown in. The famous Cabo de Rama Fort is very close by which is untouched by most of the visitors in this region.

Palolem Beach, South Goa : Palolem beach located in south Goa is 43 kms from Margao and 76 kms from Panaji, the state’s capital. Also called the paradise beach, the Palolem Beach is a largely unspoiled beach that till date is most frequented by fishermen and locals. Crescent shaped, it has rocky outcrops on either end, and a famous island called Monkey Island. Apart from being a stunningly beautiful beach, Palolem is famous for its beach hut accommodation. It has huts and shacks which are classy and are aimed at the discerning visitors. Cycling, walking and boat rides are options that are available here.